Milan is a city we have been coming back to for many years, but mostly for work. Last week we were in town to walk the Gucci show and we thought it was time to share some of our Milan recommendations with you guys.

Milan does not feel that big and we love walking around the city to people-watch and lets not forget dog-watching. Especially the older generation of Milan are so well dressed and all the dogs are so adorable. When your legs are tired from walking it's also so nice hopping on an old tram to ride through the city.

Scroll down and see pictures from our latest trip to Milan and some of our recommendations for the city.

Love, Amalie & Cecilie

Eat here:

Trattoria Torre di Pisa / Located in Brera
The area of Brera is so nice and there are so many good restaurants.
It's a classic restaurant and the food is nothing less than wonderful.

Cacio e Pepe - Bottega Romana / Located in Porta Vittoria
The pasta here is so good! You will of course have to get their Cacio e Pepe. We had to unbutton our jeans here because we were so full.

Rosso Brera / Located in Brera
A lovely lunch spot! We recommend getting the burrata and the prosciutto with figs.

A Santa Lucia / Located in San Babila
A beautiful and classic restaurant in the heart of Milan not far from the Duomo.

Drink here:

Mom café / Located in Porta Vittoria
A lovely bar that we stumbled upon, but now it is for sure on our list for next time we are in Milan. A busy place for aperitivo. The also serve some great snacks free of charge -what is not to like?

Taveggia / Located in San Babila
An old café in Milan. Such a beautiful location. You can get delicious cake and espresso here and follow it up with a negroni. 

Shop here:

Brera antique market / Located in Brera.
Every third sunday of the month there is an antique market in Brera. We ere lucky enough to stumble upon it on an early sunday morning. If you are i Milan on the date we cannot recommend the market enough. We wanted to buy everything but our carry-on luggage limited our shopping, which probably was a good thing. 
Navigli Antique Market / Located by the Navigli canals. Last sunday of the month
We learned that there is a similar market to the one in Brera. Last Sunday of the month another antique market located along the Navigli canals should have similar stands with just as many good bargains. 

Enjoy these places:

Parco Del Castello Sforzesco
This is probably our favourite park in Milan. We like enjoying a lunch in the park and watch all the dog walkers. 

San Siro Stadium
No matter if you like soccer or not we higly reccomend watching a soccer match at San Siro Stadium. We had so much fun! The locals are so invested in their team and the atmosphere is incredible 
Spotted these four cute sausage dogs on a stroll in Milan

Spotted these four cute sausage dogs on a stroll in Milan

Found small treasures at the local flea market. Here seen with the Laura Bracelet and Sofie Ring

Found small treasures at the local flea market. Here seen with the Laura Bracelet and Sofie Ring

Lots of good food always. Happy tomatoes.

Lots of good food always. Happy tomatoes.

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