July 30, 2023


Claire Marie, is a Music Curator and DJ, based between Paris and New York.
With impeccable taste in music, she plays worldwide for some of the biggest fashion houses.

 The Sound of Summer is a playlist curated by Claire Marie for LIÉ STUDIO to listen to by the pool or at the beach kicking off the summer break. 

We love the mixed moods of this playlist and will definitely be listening to it for the rest of the summer! 

Yacht Melody - Brigitte Bardot 
On The Beach - Nick & Samantha, Chris Coco 
Camino Del Sol - Antena, Tod Terje
Cool Breeze - The Jeremy Spencer Band
C'est Si Bon / That's The Way I Love You - Madleen Kane 
La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg
Les Danses Anglaises - Rodolphe Burger
Come Around - Carla Dal Forno 
Curiosita - Giuliano Sorgini
Oiseau du matin - Limousine 
Give Me Your Love - Lambchop 
Le Paradis Pour Toi - Gilian Hills
Zontimenteel - Don Melody Club 
Sentimentale - Stella, Ed Longo 
Brothers & Sisters - Bong Master 

Visit her profile here for a daily dose of music inspiration and interior design,
which we also admire her for! 

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