This playlist sets the perfect mood to welcome the late summer evenings and sunny days of June. We cannot wait for long-table dinners with friends and picnics by the sea, and therefore we have curated a playlist that will inevitably suit every summer occasion.

This June edition of LIÉ Tunes brings a perfect balance between smooth soul and R&B brought by artists such as Pharrell Williams, Mrs Lauren Hill and Coco O. To accommodate the late evenings on the dance floor, groovy vibes comes from artists such as Breakbot and Jungle - two of our favourite artist that will never disappoint!

Baby I'm Yours - Breakbot
Beautiful - Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams
Got to be Real - Cheryl Lynn
Many Ways - Coco O.
All Of The Time - Jungle
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Ms. Lauren Hill
Miles Apart - Liss
Is It True - Tame Impala
Disco Yes - Tom Misch 

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